Summer Forest Week 2017

Living at Cittaviveka means that one has access to a well-managed piece of woodland that includes heathland and a lake. It is an enormous asset, and one that is unique to our Sangha in Europe. Living with Nature opens the mind to the grounding energies of the natural world. The benefit is mutual in that it’s because of a non-commercial and environmentally conscious community that the Hammer Wood has been restored to a more natural state after over half a century of use for coppicing, hunting and fishing.

This restoration work and environmental training is ongoing, and this year we are planning to hold another ‘Chithurst Forest Week’ in the summer. This will be the seventh such event in successive years, and will include the now customary ingredients of camping, voluntary work in the woods, forest pujas, and wildlife guided walks. Lay men and women are invited to come and take part. The week begins on Saturday 22nd July and ends the following Saturday 29th July. Some of the tasks are quite physical but most can be carried out by men and women of average fitness. They include things like 'weeding' or cutting bracken, birch and balsam, clearing paths & ponds, & repairing steps, signs & fences.

Participants are expected to keep the eight precepts during the week.

For the detailed program and contact information click here or contact Paul Bruce on 07766900622 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..