Chithurst House & Dhamma Hall

Chithurst House, which has now been renovated by the resident community, is the area for the general public and a residence for monks and male lay guests.   It can accommodate up to seven male guests, in three or four upstairs rooms, depending on the number of monks in residence.  The ground floor of the House is accessible to the general public and has a shrine room, reception area, office, toilets and kitchen.

The House sits in an area that is mostly gardens and parkland, and which is open to the general public to go for walks in.   To one side of the House is the Dhamma Hall, which was created on the site of a ruined coach-house and was opened in 2004.  The Dhamma Hall is a meditation hall that can sit 150 people.  Visitors and residents can use it for silent meditation at any time.  The only exception to this is when the resident Sangha have their meal in there, between the hours of 10.30 a.m. and 12.30 a.m.   On the weekends, Dhamma talks and meditation instructions are given in this Hall.

Dialogue and meetings are otherwise held in the main House, where visitors and resident guests also eat their meal.