Nuns' presence at Rocana Vihara

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 November 2017 06:44

2017 nuns' presence at Rocana Vihara, the nuns’ cottage at Chithurst — for the rest of this year

until Friday 10th November (Ajahn Cittapala and Anagarikaa Suttisa)

Friday 15th - Sunday 31st (?) December (our departure date will depend on an opportunity to get a lift back to Amaravati)

There will be one or two anagarikaas coming along — to be decided

Ajahn Cittapala may have to go to Amaravati for 2 days (19th and 20th Dec.)


2017 — coming dates for Thursday Dana at Rocana Vihara

9th November

21st December

28th December


The the time for the dana will be 10:30 AM (British winter-time).

There will be an opportunity to have a dhamma-conversation after the meal.

You are welcome to call that morning if you want to let us know that you are coming: 

01730 812125


Address: Rocana Vihara (Hammer Cottage)

Hammer Lane



Hampshire GU29 0PF


2017 — coming Tuesday Talks at Aloka Shrine Room

7th November

26th December