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 Cittaviveka Finances

 Looking back-looking forward

 April 2015




Dear friends of Cittaviveka


The financial New Year seems a good time to look at how the monastery’s finances are doing. Like all Buddhist monasteries, we are entirely dependent on freewill offerings from our lay supporters. Traditionally such support is offered on the ‘alms round’ (pindabaht) principle: that is everyone who appreciates the monastery, regularly offers a small amount, in accordance with their means. Our hope and aim is that month on month, we will receive enough to cover our running costs.


For the last two financial years (2013/14 and 2014/15), I am delighted to say that your generosity has been enough to meet all our day-to-day costs, without any outside help from Amaravati and the English Sangha Trust. So our first financial New Year message is “Thank you so much for your generosity.”


We are deeply grateful for all donations. To keep our admin costs down we only acknowledge gifts of £30 or more, but if you would like confirmation that we have received a particular donation, please contact the treasurers below.


The second message is “Please continue your generous support!” While we receive many gifts in kind, particularly the daily meal offering, we still need to raise more than £300 every day just to pay the bills. And while we are very grateful for all donations, the more our income comes from regular pledges, the easier it is to plan ahead. So if you would like to offer regular support,please consider making a standing order to support the monastery.


Are you signed up to Gift Aid?


If you are a UK taxpayer, the monastery can claim an extra £2.50 for every £10 that you give us. . For each of the last two years we were able to reclaim £13,000 from the Government in this way. This was a huge help and we would like to be able to do even better this year- with your help. Each taxpayer needs to fill out their own Gift Aid declaration and return it to us. This allows us to reclaim tax on all your future donations – you only have to make sure we know they come from you. Forms for standing orders and for Gift Aid can be found at the monastery, on our website ( or from the treasurers whose contact details are below.


Next year’s budget


2015/16 may not be an easy year. Some of our costs have increased and we are now expected to pay our fair share of the English Sangha Trust’s admin costs. The budget we have set will again enable us to keep the monastery running and in good repair. We have also received various “one-off” donations over the last two years, from teaching programmes and the 2013 Kathina, which it has been possible to put aside for planned future projects for the welfare of the Sangha. The priority for its use this year will be to create a nursing facility for sick and aging monastics.


We have set a budget for 2015/16, for all our non-capital costs, of £146,660. We hope that the income from Gift Aid and our green energy projects together with the grant for our forest conservation, will exceed £25,000, leaving us to raise £121,660 from you. This is how the money will be spent.




If you are unsure if your donations qualify for Gift Aid, or if you have any other questions, please ask the lay treasurers: Graham Winyard and Jill Saltmarsh who can be contacted at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery Chithurst, Petersfield GU31 5EU, or on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Thank You For Your Continuing Support



Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu