Staying as a Guest

In general, the emphasis in the monastery is on developing awareness through living in community, and on following a daily routine which includes silent meditation, social interaction and service. The whole is held within the ethical norms of the precepts and observances, which help to check the mind’s impulses and also promote harmony and trust. Teachings are given on a regular basis, and there are opportunities to talk with monks and nuns about Dhamma practice. There are also periods of time when the monastery is observing silence, and there are periods of relative solitude. Accordingly guests are expected to have a good degree of self-motivation and self-reliance. 

All teachings, accommodation and food at Cittaviveka are offered freely. As befits a sanctuary, there is no charge to stay in the monastery, although donations to cover costs as well as offerings of food and other requisites, are appreciated. If a person wishes to stay here, then it’s important to enter fully and sincerely into the daily life and practice of the community. This will make the stay more meaningful for oneself and harmonious for others. Please see these other practical considerations for further information.

Making Reservations

Booking requests can be made up to three months in advance of your requested visit. Please do not write further ahead than this.

The minimum stay for all guests is three nights. The maximum stay for new guests from the UK is one week. If one is coming from outside the UK, then a stay of up to two weeks may be requested. Previous overnight guests can request to stay longer based on how their prior visits have worked out.

Please note, on some rare occasions guests have come to stay at Cittaviveka Monastery whose conduct has not been in harmony with our community standards. Thus, we reserve the right to ask such guests to leave when we feel it is appropriate.

From January 2 to April 1 we hold our winter retreat and do not have overnight guest stays available. During this retreat time the booking form will be disabled and any guest-related emails will not be read. No reservations for the rest of the year can be made before March 25. This is the day we open for bookings in the new year.

Cancellation Policy

If a confirmed guest cancels their stay less than two weeks before their arrival date or doesn't show up, it is possible they will be asked to forgo staying at Chithurst for up to six months.

This policy deals with non-emergency and non-health related reasons for cancelling. In cases of emergencies or illness, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know of your need to cancel or your reasons to have not shown up for a reservation.

We have this policy in place due to the high number of overnight guest requests, our very limited accommodations, and a history of last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Thus, we ask that reservations not be made until one can firmly commit to one’s requested dates, so that other interested guests do not lose the chance to stay here.

Using the Booking Form

When making a reservation please use the booking form first rather than emailing the Guest Monk or Women’s Guest Assistant directly. Once we have received the booking form (below), we will confirm the booking by email.

The men's and women's accommodations are located separately in the monastery and so the the bookings are also made separately. 

If you have any questions for the Guest Monk or Women’s Guest Assistant not related to a reservation request please email guestmonk{at} (for men) or guestnun{at} (for women).

Male Guests

For the year 2019, we are closed for any further guest reservations. There are currently no vacancies left.

As stated above, we do not allow overnight guests to stay during our winter retreat, January 1 to April 7 and we will not take reservations for April 7, 2020 or later until March 25, 2020. To make a 2020 booking (at most three months in advance), please return here on March 25, and the 2020 Booking Form Button should be in operation. 

Female Guests

Before clicking on the booking form below: As of 7 November, we have space available 20-27 Dec. Please check back for openings as things do change frequently. If you would like to make a reservation, please click on the female booking form below.

Please note that we are unable to guarantee single rooms for any guests.

*Emails are generally checked once a day Tuesday through Saturday.

Female Guest Booking Form for 2019