Video Reflections

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Awareness in Daily Life - Luang Por Sumedho 27 June 

Beware Of Idealism - Luang Por Sumedho 7 June 

The Role of Deep Attention & Wise Thinking - Ajahn Sucitto 31st May 

Awareness Being Aware Of Awareness - LP Sumedho, May 29, 2020 

Not Thinking About Thinking - LP Sumedho, May 21, 2020

Freeing the Heart from the whip of ‘should be’ 
Ajahn Sucitto May 23, 2020

Awareness of the Beautiful - Ajahn Sucitto May 12, 2020

Feeling Rebellious And Preparing For Death - Luang Por Sumedho May 12, 2020

Spiritual Friendship as the basis for Awakening - Ajahn Sucitto 10th May 2020

Luang Por Sumedho Q&A On Vesak Day, May 6, 2020 - Praise And Blame, Wisdom And Foolishness

Get Out Of Lockdown - 2 May 2020 –  Ajahn Sucitto  

Adhitthana a Foundation For Transcendence - Ajahn Sucitto 5 July

Adhittāna – resolution – is a foundation for training the mind to avoid careless habits and employ skilful means. In this way it shifts our orientation away from self-view and towards Dhamma.