Nuns' Schedule for Summer 2018

Ajahn Cittapala will be at Cittaviveka from Monday 30th of April until Monday 7th of May, and from Friday 1st of June until Friday 8th of June.
During her stay she will give a Dhamma Talk at Aloka shrine room on Tuesday 1st of May and Tuesday 5th of June - both starting at 7.30 PM.
There will be also an opportunity to offer dana to the Nuns Community at Rocana Vihara on Thursday 3rd of May and Thursday 7th of June - both occasions at 11.30 AM.

Special Events Winter 2017 / Spring 2018

Special Events

31st Dec. - New Year’s Eve vigil
Midnight circumambulation of the Stupa

1st Jan. - Precepts and Resolution Ceremony
(3 pm in the Dhamma Hall)
There will be a lay person available from 2 pm to explain the ceremony to newcomers.

5th Jan. to 30th March
The community is on Winter Retreat – Visitors are welcome to attend teachings and meditations: Saturday evening meditation and talks continue as usual and guided meditation on the first Sunday of the month.

16th Jan. - L.P. Chah Memorial Day
Late night meditation vigil

1st March - Magha Puja
Late night meditation vigil

20th May - Vesak Celebration

29th May – Vesak Full Moon Day
Late night meditation vigil

17th June - 12th International Thod Pah Pa
L.P. Chah 100th Birthday Anniversary

Lay Forums

Sundays 2.00pm in the reception room

  • 8th April
  • 6th May
  • 3rd June
  • 1st July

Garden Days

Beginning April – Every Sunday Any help appreciated
Meet at workshop 1.30pm

Forest Work Days

Meet at the workshop 1.30 pm

  • 8th April
  • 6th May
  • 3rd June

Forest Work Week

6th -13th July

Contact Edd on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested to participate.

Vacancy for Long-term Resident Caretaker of Nuns' Cottage

Long-term Lay Resident Caretaker 


From time to time, there is space for a lay person who wishes to deepen their understanding and practice of Buddhism by living within our monastic setting and having the opportunity to stay as a long-term resident at Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery.

Long-term residents follow the schedules and daily routine of the monastery. This involves taking part in the life of the community and regular periods of meditation, work, chores, and occasionally having a solitary retreat time. They are expected to have some basic experience of meditation and mindfulness practice.

We are looking for someone with gardening and maintenance skills to take on the role as the caretaker of Rocana (the nuns’ cottage), taking responsibility for the appearance of the Rocana and Aloka garden areas, looking after garden equipment and hand tools, and working with volunteers.


Applicants should be female, due to available accommodation.


The role would include:

  •          Taking care of the nuns’ cottage, especially during their absence
  •          Having good household skills and being able to identify maintenance problems
  •          Working independently and as part of a team of volunteers and monastics with responsibility for grounds and maintenance
  •          Being able to identify plants and be knowledgeable about plant care
  •          Digging, planting and weeding flower beds and borders
  •          Pruning shrubs
  •          Applying nutrients to plants and watering
  •          Cleaning and maintaining hand tools and equipment
  •          Caring for garden utility areas (garden shed etc.)
  •          Supervising experienced and inexperienced volunteers doing basic gardening tasks
  •          Implementing safe work procedures
  •          Assisting with some clerical duties such as record keeping and safety documentation
  •          Undertaking to offer approx. 30 hours of service per week
  •          Being physically fit and robust 


Applicants will need to demonstrate they have the right to live in the UK through having a current valid passport and, where required, a visa.

We would invite suitable applicants to stay at the monastery for periods of up to a week during the coming months, when space is available. Following a trial period of three months, the successful applicant may be invited to stay for one year initially, but this will be reviewed every three months. This is a volunteer, residential position, available from mid-December 2017 or April 2018. 


If you are interested, email your CV and a covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or you can speak to Ajahn Cittapala at the monastery or leave a message on the answer phone: 01730 812 125

Lost property

Please contact us if you think you might have left something at the monastery. It is our policy to keep lost property in store for a maximum of three months, after which we are likely to recycle accumulated items.