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How to Book

(Updated on 28 April 2022)

The monastery is now once again open for guest bookings

We are happy to announce that the minimum time for guest visits is now open. To make a reservation, please use the male and female email addresses below.  

The men's and women's accommodations are located separately in the monastery, so bookings are also made separately. Please note that we are unable to guarantee single rooms for any guests.

Female Guests


At present, the following minimum duration for a guest visit at Aloka is as follows:

– a two-week minimum for those women who have stayed with us within the last 3 years 

– a one-month minimum for women who are staying with us for the first time, or haven’t stayed here for a while 


We are sorry that we won’t be able to accommodate short term guests in the foreseeable future.




Male Guests

Male guest stays are currently available for a one-week minimum duration. In order to reduce the number of cancelled reservations, we do not accept booking requests more than two months in advance. For example, if you would like to request a stay beginning on August 10, please submit your request on or after June 10. Please contact us by clicking on the button below.