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Offering Skills & Advice


The monastery may have twenty to thirty residents at any given time, who may or may not have skills in terms of painting, decorating, gardening, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, forestry, vehicle repair….some of the many daily-life tasks that keep the place going.  Any help offered in these areas is greatly appreciated.  If you have an artisan skill that you’d like to offer from time to time, please write to the Maintenance Committee c/o the monastery.  We can also  use occasional legal and medical advice. And anyone who can offer a willing hand in the kitchen or the garden will find their presence is welcome and appreciated.

We set aside certain days for work in the Gardens, or in the Hammer Wood. Such work is generally on a weekend afternoon, and entails weeding, pruning, maintenance of paths and clearing of heath land.  You will see these Days mentioned in the Forest Work & Gardening section.

In the autumn of most years we have a Forest Work Month (between three and four weeks) which is an opportunity for three or four men to work along with Sangha members in the forest.  It requires no great skills or strength, but adherence to the Eight Precepts, some familiarity with the monastic life, and an ongoing meditation practice are essential.  Write to the Forest Committee c/o the monastery for details.

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