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Offering Requisites


Each monk or nun is instructed at their Going Forth to live dependent on Four Requisites: alms-food, clothing, shelter and medicines. All of these are to be provided through mendicancy – accepting what is freely offered by the laity. Within the spectrum of these basic requisites, the community may need various kinds of ochre or brown cloth from which we can make robes, or offer ready-mades such as socks in these colours. The monastery itself may need paint, washing-up liquid, tools, furnishings – many of the things that any household needs. However, as a monastery there are also many things we don’t need – TVs, luxurious and brightly coloured furnishings or clothes. So it’s always good to consult the monastery – by phone or letter – to check what is needed or to have a look at our Dana List. Sometimes we have more rice, pasta, or tea than we can use. And as we have our own well-water, we never need bottled water.

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