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Upcoming Livestreams and Online Retreats

Guided Meditation

7:30pm on Wednesday, 12 May 2021



‘Clearing the Floods’: an Online Retreat with Ajahn Sucitto

May 30 through June 4

This on-line Zoom Retreat will focus on clearing sensory and kammic overload and residues that impact the heart. As these are cleared, we gain access to a purposeful engagement with life.

The daily schedule will include sitting, standing and walking meditation, Dhamma teachings, chanting and question & answer sessions. Qigong and recorded Dhamma teachings are also offered to support your practice.

Although the retreat is hosted by upasakas in California, the timing is suitable for the UK, with an early morning meditation session, and teachings and group practice through the afternoon and evening.

Please register c/o kathycheney48 {at} gmail {dot} com (NOT via Cittaviveka)