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Daily Routine

The day begins and ends with silent contemplation together; there are also periods of working meditation, some time for individual practice and for attending to personal needs. Following such a routine can be an excellent support for bringing awareness into our hearts and applying it in our daily life.

5:00 AM - Morning chanting and meditation (except Mondays and Fridays)

6:15 AM - Morning chores, followed by breakfast at 7.00 a.m. 

8:00 AM - Opening time for visitors

8:00 AM - Communal work period or meal preparation.

11:30 AM (British Summer Time) - Offering and Meal  (10:30 AM during  Winter)

Afternoon - Free time to rest, study, meditate and contemplate.
* except Sunday where there is an afternoon work period.

5:00 PM - Tea Time

7:30 PM - Evening Puja & Meditation followed by silence observed in the house.

* Monday and Friday evenings are observed as quiet days and there is no Puja or group meditation in the mornings and evenings.

Typically, the community hold meditation vigils on the full and new moons, which begin at the 7:30 PM evening puja and last until midnight. Guests are encouraged to participate as best they can. Our lunar calendar can be freely downloaded here.

Group meditation periods and communal work do not take place every day. So a willingness to be flexible is the norm.

In the integrated context of Cittaviveka, there are many opportunities to practise the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path, Right Aim, Right Speech, Right Action and Right Mindfulness are the fabric of the monastic life, practised every day while working alongside members of the community in the kitchen, the gardens, the workshop, or the forest. If you have any skills that may be useful to the community — e.g., gardening, building, decorating, etc. — please mention this to the Guest Monk or Nun.


If there is a need to go into town during their stay, guests should ask the Guest Monk or Nun beforehand. To use the telephone in the office please check with one of the monks. The monastery does not offer email access or computer facilities.

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