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Sponsoring Books


Amaravati Publications is the publishing imprint representing both Amaravati and Cittaviveka (Chithurst) monasteries, focusing on Dhamma-material produced by sangha members associated with those communities. Everything published by Amaravati Publications is for free distribution.

  • Currently available books can be found in the ebook section of Amaravati’s website. Printed books can be picked up at the monastery, either by the Sala entrance or in the main house.   

  • Talks published by Cittaviveka can be found in the audio section of this site.

Ordering CDs or Printed Publications by Mail
Some audio and printed materials published by the monasteries can be sent by mail: audio and books.

Supporting the Publication of Dhamma
We aim to make the teachings of our sangha freely available via publications. If you would like to offer to transcribe, edit or proofread material, or wish to help with typesetting and design, etc., please contact Amaravati Publications at publications{at}

Translating Dhamma Publications

If you have an interest in translating any of our English-language publications into other languages, we naturally welcome that. However, all translations have to be checked by native-speaking monks, nuns or other practitioners to ensure accuracy. In order to avoid unnecessary work and disappointment, we recommend that if you wish to translate a text, you contact Amaravati Publications at the address given above before undertaking any work, and as your work proceeds, you send an initial sample (say ten pages) of your proposed translation before proceeding further. Valuable feedback can then be passed on.

Contributing Towards the Publication of Books

If you wish to contribute towards the publication of books through the Amaravati Publications network, please use the online donations facility. Any donations can then be used towards sponsoring the reprint of popular Amaravati Publications titles, or towards covering the costs of newly composed material. This will support Amaravati Publications in producing an ongoing supply of books and booklets to encourage the practice of Dhamma.

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