Visiting for the Day

Scheduled Dhamma Teachings

Receiving Day Visitors at Cittaviveka


Use of the Dhamma Hall


Visitors are now welcome to visit limited areas of the monastery from 8:00am until the end of the group practice session that evening, i.e. evening pujas, guided meditations, Dhamma talks and midnight vigils.


Wearing a face covering during these activities is recommended.


We ask people to refrain from visiting the monastery if they are feeling unwell with symptoms of respiratory illnesses.


Seats available for visitors (cushions, mats and chairs, etc.) will be clearly indicated.


Sharing the Midday Meal Offering


Now that it is British Summer Time, and the clocks have changed, the midday meal offering is at 11.30am.

The current meal-offering arrangements for weekends and special days will continue, whereby the food is offered in the Cloister. The house Conservatory and Shrine Room are available for eating indoors. 


On weekdays, visitors wishing to share in the midday meal will be invited to collect food from the kitchen after the resident community has passed through the food line.


Visitors will enter the main house via the front door only, where they can leave their shoes. 


Visitors will be asked to wear face coverings while going through the food line in the kitchen.


Once visitors have collected their meal, they can either eat in the house Shrine Room or go back outside. Visitors will not be allowed to re-enter the kitchen or visit other areas of the house. The resident community will attend to the washing up.


Making Food Offerings


The arrangements for people wishing to offer prepared dishes for the meal will remain the same, taking dishes directly to the Cloister tables on weekends and to the tables outside the kitchen on weekdays. Other offerings of requisites can also be offered at those places.


Dhamma Teachings


Guided meditations take place each week on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. Dhamma talks are offered on the lunar quarters. You can freely download a calendar showing the lunar days by using this link. We intend to continue to live stream the weekly guided meditation, as well as the Dhamma talk on the full and new moons.


Monastery Routine


Please visit our website to view the monastery's daily routine.


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