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General Information About Visiting

These days in the West there are many centres which offer the Buddha's teachings, and even more in which a range of spiritual or psychological practices can be studied. Cittaviveka, however, is one of the few places where people can train as Buddhist monks and nuns, and this therefore remains its primary focus. Although meditation is taught and practised here, formal guided retreats for lay people are not what we offer (for such retreats please contact Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, north of London). Instead, we offer a way of life in which people can come and participate as guests, visitors, friends, supporters and fellow practitioners. Sometimes a visit may be a chance to step outside of domestic concerns for a few hours, or days, and get a new perspective; or a time to gain strength and nourishment from the simple purity and commitment that is the life-force of the monastery; or an opportunity to meet, or re-connect, with spiritual friends. And, of course, if you're interested in taking up monastic life, this is a good place to sample what that may entail before looking to make a further commitment. So for those who feel moved by what the monastery has to offer, there is an opportunity to visit, to come and stay for a while – or to make it into a way of life.


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