GARDEN DAYS  (Cancelled until further notice)

People who would like to help with gardening and tidying the monastery grounds feel welcome to join us ANY Sunday afternoon. Meet at the workshop 1.30 pm.


Please contact us if you think you might have left something at the monastery. It is our policy to keep lost property in store for a maximum of one month, after which we are likely to recycle accumulated items.


Due to the uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 situation, forest work is not open to outside volunteers for the foreseeable future. For updated information, please check this website page from time to time. The woodland of Cittaviveka provides benefit for both the monastic and lay community, as well as many wild creatures. There are many ways in which contributions and support can be made to this wildlife conservation project and place of quiet contemplation and reflection. Forest work events in the monastery's annual calendar include: Monthly forest work afternoons between April and December. A summer forest work week. A spring time woman's forest work event. A winter time men's work event. For further information about volunteering or supporting the monastery woodland, please feel welcome to contact our Forest Manager Chris Matthews at: forest(AT)

COVID-19 INFORMATION (Reviewed on 12 September)

Limited parts of the monastery are open to visitors from 10.30am to 1.30pm. With respect for the new government restrictions, we now ask that group sizes be limited to 6 people from the same household or support bubble. If you wish to come to the monastery, in order to safeguard both the residential community and visitors against COVID-19, we ask everyone to please do the following:

  • If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to the monastery.
  • Practise ‘social distancing’ of at least 2 meters between members of different households at all times.
  • Use hand gel and hand-washing facilities as provided.
  • Do not enter any building apart from the Dhamma Hall and designated toilets.
  • Wear a face covering, at least while in the Dhamma Hall.
  • If you have offerings you wish to make, please take them to the area outside the kitchen where they will be gratefully received. We will not be able to receive offerings in the Dhamma Hall.
  • Do not wander out of the designated areas.
  • We are currently unable to provide mats and cushions to sit on in the Dhamma Hall. Please feel free to bring your own.
  • At present we are unable to share food with outside visitors at the meal time. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and eat it within designated areas of the monastery grounds.
  • Lastly, please enjoy your time here at Cittaviveka!
If you wish to drop something off at the monastery at other times of the day, we have a covered area set up near the front drive where people can make offerings if they so wish. There is a phone number posted on a notice at the driveway. Please use that number when you arrive so that we can come out and meet you. Similarly, you can ring us on the main monastery phone either the day before you come or between 6.30 and 8.00am on the day of your visit. The main monastery phone number is 01730 814 986. Please note that it may become necessary to make adjustments to the current plans, therefore we suggest that people keep up-to-date by checking our website frequently. All public events and large gatherings are cancelled until at least the start of October, and perhaps longer. Overnight guest stays are also unavailable for the same period as mentioned above, or perhaps until an even later date. With gratitude and well-wishing, Ahimsako Bhikkhu Abbot – Chithurst Buddhist Monastery


The next Lay Forum is scheduled for Sunday 6 September, from 2.00 to 3.30 pm.

This session will be offered online using Zoom.

This month's topic: 'The Three Poisons or Fetters: Greed, Hatred and Illusion. Why are they called that, and what is their relevance to practice?'

Ajahn Gavesako will be the monastic host for this session.

As with the physical Lay Forum gatherings held at the monastery, Tony Halter will facilitate this session.

If you are not on Chithurst’s e-mailing list, you can receive information on how to join this forum by sending an email with your request.

If you wish to receive the monastery newsletter, along with regular updates about Cittaviveka, please visit the Subscription Registration page of this website.


At this point in time, with so much uncertainty about what is safe, as well as what the UK Government will allow, we’re planning on holding our Kathina Festival on Sunday 18 October, with a very small number of people on site, but presented online via live streaming video through a variety of apps. In many ways we’re planning on having a very traditional Kathina Festival, with a rice alms round, the opportunity to request the Five Precepts, Paritta Chanting, the offering of the Kathina robe and a Dhamma Talk. We’ll have the usual festive decorations as well. However, these things will be experienced via communication devices. It won’t be anywhere close to being the same as our previous Kathinas, with hundreds of people in attendance, but it’s the best we can do during these strange times. We will keep you posted via our website, and be delighted if you can participate in some way.