GARDEN DAYS  (Cancelled until further notice)

People who would like to help with gardening and tidying the monastery grounds feel welcome to join us ANY Sunday afternoon. Meet at the workshop 1.30 pm.

COVID-19 INFORMATION (Updated/reviewed on 10 December )

Cittaviveka is now open from 10am until 5pm.

The midday meal offering is at 10.30am. Visitors are allowed to enter and remain in the Dhamma Hall during these opening hours. Apart from toilet facilities, no other buildings will be accessible to visitors. All of the gardens and grounds are open to visitors.
Other changes that we have recently made are that meditation mats and cushions are now provided for use by visitors. Lastly, on Saturdays and Sundays we will be sharing the midday meal food offerings with day visitors. From Monday through Friday, if you wish to bring your own picnic lunch, please feel free to find a comfortable place outdoors in our gardens to enjoy your meal. If you wish to drop something off at other times, there is a contact phone number posted at the front drive. Please ring us and we'll come and meet you to receive your offerings.
Due to the configuration of our buildings, we continue to have concerns for the safety and physical wellbeing for both visitors and residents, so apart from the Dhamma Hall, all indoor spaces are closed to the public. Last year we increased our presence on the Internet by live-streaming certain events. The monastery will be offering Guided Meditation livestreams every Wednesday from 7.30-8.30pm. We also intend to live-stream the Lunar Observance Night Dhamma talk, on the full and new moons. Please visit the monastery YouTube channel to link to this weekly livestream event and/or to subscribe. If you do come to the monastery to visit or make an offering, in order to safeguard both the resident community and visitors against COVID-19, we ask everyone to please do the following:

  • If you are feeling unwell, do not come to the monastery.
  • Practise ‘social distancing’ of at least 2 meters between members of different households at all times.
  • Use hand gel as provided.
  • Do not enter any building apart from the Dhamma Hall and designated toilets.
  • Wear a face covering while inside the Dhamma Hall, or while standing near anyone outside of your household or bubble.
  • If you have offerings you wish to make, please take them to the tent outside the kitchen, where they will be gratefully received.
  • Do not wander out of the designated areas.
Adjustments to our COVID-19 safety protocols will be made from time to time, therefore we suggest that people keep up-to-date by checking this website frequently. We greatly appreciate your understanding and send all of our best wishes for your health and wellbeing. With gratitude and very good wishes, Ajahn Ahimsako Abbot – Cittaviveka Monastery


The EST is the lay steward of all the money and resources given to support the sangha at Amaravati and Cittaviveka. We know that supporters have been concerned about whether the monasteries have what they need during this COVID-19 period, so we are posting this update on finances. Ongoing Support On behalf of the resident community we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have brought food and other items to Amaravati and Cittaviveka, or searched out ways to make online donations. One of the good impacts of the lockdown has been that the community has upskilled itself in live-streaming and making Dhamma teachings available online, and this has led to an even more world-wide group of supporters than before, some of whom are making donations as a result. Both monasteries were able to live-stream Kathina ceremonies. In order to keep to all the regulations about ‘places of worship’ and ‘household mixing’ the CBM Dhamma Hall and ABM Temple were half empty, but still the spirit of generosity and kind donations were present. Managing Risks The new Financial Sustainability Network, made up of CBM and ABM accountants, trustees and senior sangha, has met on a monthly basis since April assessing risks and changes. As the sangha has not been able to travel, and other activities have also been curtailed, spending as well as income has gone down somewhat. At both monasteries the locked-down sangha and lay residents have undertaken those maintenance tasks that are easier to do when the place is not so busy. Keeping Funds Aside The EST has Contingency Reserves that it has not needed to spend this financial year, due to having other funds to cover the deficit; this deficit was originally budgeted at £123k for the financial year and we are glad to see that it is has reduced to £80k. In addition to the Contingency Reserves we have been able to put funds aside to cover a ‘worst case scenario’ in the unlikely event that the monastery is closed for three years. This money is called the ‘Post-Pandemic Impact Fund’, and is a fund to cover deficits such as the £80k, as well as any changes that may be necessary to dormitories, bathrooms and other accommodation for sangha, and when it is safe to open, for guests again. Re-Building Amaravati We have been very fortunate to receive a completely separate generous donation that allows us to go ahead with the re-building programme at Amaravati, which at this time is focussing on the nuns’ area and the sala, kitchen and work-yard. Any of you who know the monastery will recognise that this covers about 1/3 of the main monastery site. The money was given for buildings so will not be used for running costs such as heating, welfare, insurances etc. In recognition that the demolition of the Sala area, and temporary relocation to the Retreat Centre kitchen and buildings, will involve keeping the RC closed for a few years, the sangha is now planning to be offering online retreats. These will keep to the relatively small numbers that the community is familiar with and offer the same level of support to retreatants. Detailed information from the 2019-20 audited accounts will be made available this month on the website, in the EST section. These go up to 31st March 2020. The communities will be on retreat from 3rd January – 31st March as usual, so another update will be posted in the early spring 2021. In the meantime, if you have any comments or questions, please email Caroline Leinster est{at} With good wishes to all, The EST Trustees


The 2022 calendar and year planner are now available for download from the website. The paper copies are currently being shipped to our monasteries. The shipment for Chithurst Buddhist Monastery is hoped to arrive in time to be given away at the Kathina Festival scheduled for 7 November.