Vesak Day 2017


Vesak Day Celebration

Sunday 7th May 2017


 10.30 Gather in Dhamma Hall

 10.45 Taking of Refuges & Precepts followed by Paritta Chanting

 11.15 Almsround and meal

 13.30 Gather in the Dhamma Hall, circumambulation of the Bodhinyana Stupa followed by Dhamma talk

 15:30 Tea and coffee served. An opportunity to meet with senior Sangha.

 19.30 Evening Puja


International Thod Pah Pa 2017

Please click here for an invitation from the lay supporters to the International Thod Pah Pa on Sunday June 11th

Ajahn Cittapala at Rocana

Nuns' Visits to Rocana Vihara


Ajahn Cittapala will be resident at Rocana Vihara for the following dates:

Friday 14th April - Friday 21st April.

Saturday 24th June - Saturday 1st July.

Friday 28th July - Friday 10th November.


While she is here, Ajahn Cittapala will be offering Dhamma reflections on Tuesdays at 7.30pm following puja and meditation at the Aloka Shrine Room.

There will also be Dana with Ajahn Cittapala at the Rocana Vihara on Thursdays. It would be helpful if those who wish to bring dana could let her know beforehand.


All are welcome 

Change of Mealtime to 11:30

With the change to British Summer Time on Sunday 26 March 2017, the Sangha will have their meal at 11.30 am.

If you are bringing food to offer to the Sangha, please aim to arrive by 11.15 am.


Special Events Winter/Spring 2017

31st Dec - New Year’s Eve vigil - Midnight circumambulation of the Stupa


1st Jan - Precepts and Resolution Ceremony (3 pm in the Dhamma Hall)

There will be a lay person available from 2 pm to explain the ceremony

to newcomers.


6th Jan to 30th March - The community is on Winter Retreat –

Visitors are welcome to attend teachings and meditations: 

Saturday evening meditation and talks continue as usual

and guided meditation on the first Sunday of the month.


16th Jan - L.P. Chah Memorial Day - Late night meditation vigil

11th Feb - Magha Puja - Late night meditation vigil


7th May - Vesak Celebration


10th May – Vesak Full Moon Day - Late night meditation vigil


11th June - 11th International Thod Pah Pa





Lay Forums

Sundays 2.00pm in the reception room

  • 2nd April
  • 14th May
  • 4th June
  • 2nd July


Garden Days

Beginning in April—Every Sunday

Any help appreciated

Meet at the workshop 1.30pm


Forest Work Days

Meet at the workshop 1.30 pm

  • 23rd April
  • 28th May
  • 25th June 

Forest Work Week

  • 22nd-29th July

(Contact Paul Bruce 07766900622 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

if you are interested to join.)



Lost property

Please contact us if you think you might have left something at the monastery. It is our policy to keep lost property in store for a maximum of three months, after which we are likely to recycle accumulated items.